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Calor doo has been working closely with the company Menerga Ltd. established in 2009 and it is an integral part of the group MENERGA system air that independently develops and produces important components, and it is primarily focused on the use of technology for energy saving purposes.


Menerga system air was created by a group of engineers from the professional areas of heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology. Accompanied with good professional knowledge and extensive experience in design area, the company has acquired an important place and, energy problems, delivery and putting into operation of ventilation and air-conditioning equipment and surveillance of carried out works.


Our main activities are in the areas of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, energy or the energy preparation, energy exploitation of waste and thermal waters, the digital control (DC) and central surveillance system (CSS), for business buildings, shops, hotels, industrial production halls, food and pharmaceutical industries, health and indoor swimming pools.


The company is equipped with cutting edge ICT and software for the calculation and design, such as:

  • calculating of transmission losses according to DIN 4107 and the air-conditioning load in accordance with VDI-2078 (Win ETU), construction of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems according to DIN 1946 (Air-conditioning 2000) and other specific programs for project and construction support.

By doing this, we are able to produce the entire project documentation in an electronic medium. Please find enlisted our reference projects and some of the references related to constructed buildings.

1. Ventilation and Air Conditioning technic

  • Air Processing and preparation for the individual needs (MB - module systems)
  • Complete air drying
  • Recuperative energy recovery
  • Referential installations

2. Air pool area

  • Private and hotel swimming pool areas
  • Public baths
  • Referential installations

3. Water processing techniques

  • Heat return from waste water
  • Processing and preparation of water for Whirlpool

Menerga rs

Menerga Srbija

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